RedBird LED is committed to providing quality LED lighting products and systems for both new construction and retrofits of fluorescent, metal halide and incandescent systems. Their current project list represents many respected customers including, Hilton Hotels, UPS World Headquarters, U.S. FAA, U.S. Navy, 7-Eleven (Southland) and many others.

Cardinal™ Linear LED Lights

RedBird Cardinal™ Linear LED Lights are the superior, high quality retrofit solution for standard fluorescent tube lighting. They provide lighting electrical cost savings of 50% to 75% and 100,000 hours of service-free life with a 10-year 100% full-value warranty.

Retrofit installation is easy, using existing fixtures and terminal connections. A universal external power driver eliminates the need for a ballast. These important features add up to rapid return-on-investment and potential rebates and other green energy incentives.

RedBird Linear LED Lights were the first
retrofit replacements for fluorescent tubes
selected by the influential DesignLights Consortium.

RedBird linear lighting was also selected by the
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for its
prestigious 2012 Progress Committee Report.


In addition to the best retrofitting linear lighting available anywhere, RedBird LED supplies Ceiling Troffers, Low Bay/Parking Garage and High Bay featuring the same high quality components and construction with industry-leading performance and warranties.

CanDu LED Lighting Solutions

CanDu RedBird Linear LED